A lively Duo - Dance the night with house sax

Saxity are bridging the gap between live musicians, record producers & performers. Instrumentally focussed, the German duo combines their trademark live guitar and saxophone sound with DJ-performances and deep/melodic house productions: Creating vibrant tunes to bring rawer musicality back on the dance floor. Founded in Cologne in 2013, the duo performed houndreds of live shows all over Germany as well as over seas. Their music brought the two young men to Croatia, Spain, Mexico, Barbados, Norway and Slovakia already. Alone in 2016, Saxity’s productions were played more than 10 Million times with releases on The Vibe Guide and La Belle Musique and publications across all major music blogs including Billboard magazine. Their tracks topped music blog charts and entered Spotify's viral charts several times. Saxity’s ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ remix is a must-listen. – Billboard Saxity is a force that should be kept on the radar of anyone in favour of bringing rawer musicality back onto the club floor. – Dancing Astronaut.

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